Milos Covic

Sky Germany


Sky Germany brand re-fresh

Brand re-fresh and mark crafting for Sky Germany. Sky Germany has branding different to that of Sky UK and Sky Italy, and wanted to to enhance its brand with a new brand property. Sky Germany wanted to have a signature mark in which the glass was not merely transparent but filled with subtle colour. They also wanted to add more highlights to the main Sky glass mark. The accepted solution for the brand property was molten glass as shown in the bird image. The final execution of the new brand property took the form of glass panels, a significant departure from the original concept. As a result of this re-fresh, the number of elements used in branding was reduced to a minimum, glass panels were introduced, new badges were created for HD and 3D, and the signature mark was filled with colour. The project was done in collaboration with SomeOne and VCCP. Gary Holt was Creative Director.

Type of work

Branding, animation storyboarding, logotype crafting, design, basic guidlines, art direction